The contents of this course are a result of a series of conversations around what were some of the key things “we” wanted to “sow” into adolescent boys before they began their journey into manhood, as they became BIGGA not just physically but emotionally and mentally. The transition lines between boyhood and manhood in our modern western culture are far less defined these days, than in the past. With an increasing absence of positive male role models in our societies the question was “How can we as educators try and fill those gaps with some boys?” and then the next question was “What would we want them to learn, that will help them to be better role models and men?”

Now obviously, we could have spent thousands of hours on those questions, but wanted a course, that was simple to deliver, that targeted year 9 and 10 school boys, as these were the boys that were going through significant changes in their worldview, and were forming attitudes and opinions that would be the basis for most parts of their lives until at least their twenties.

What did we want these boys to learn?

  • How to respect others
  • How to treat women,
  • How to operate at their best,
  • How to be role models
  • etc.

We hope you agree.

The course includes a one full day activity programme/challenge within which the boys have the concepts taught reaffirmed.  We do hope the course will prove useful for any groups of boys that you are considering running the course for.


Some of the inspirational quotes received as a result of the pilot:

“We have seen a calmer approach to some situations”  – SENCO/Nurture

“We have seen a higher level of reflection on their behaviours” – SENCO/Nurture

“This has been the best part of year 9″ – Year 9 Pupil

“This project should go to every high school” – Year 9 Pupil

“This is the most positive call I’ve had from the school about my son, who has been involved in problem after problem” – Parent

“The BIGGA programme has provided pupils with additional support to think about developing their individual skills and how to work as a team in a respectful manner. The course allowed pupils the opportunity to think about their future. The course allowed pupils the opportunity to think about maturity and how to develop into young men” – Head Of Year 9, Fitzalan High School (2015)

“I think the course has really helped the boys think about how their actions impact on each other” – Head of Behaviour, St Teilos High School

“I’ve learnt how to be a better man, to treat women with respect and calm down” – Yr 9 Pupil St Teilos. 

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This project has received significant support from Cardiff County Council and Cardiff Against Bullying.


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