Volunteer Testimonials About Their Coaching Experience

“My coachee seemed to be in a great place with her goal accomplished and any problems she thought she had were solved or put in a better light, where she is more able to understand and take on her problems now, in a different manner than before.”- C.M
“By the end of these questions T came up with manageable solutions to each question asked of her, we agreed that by the next call she would contact her tutor and meet up with a class mate to discuss the essay question and ask advice on where she could find more information on the assignment, just by putting these simple tasks in place she instantly felt better about the situation.”- A.N
“Coaching tools were useful to me in everyday life situations as well. Active listening was something that I have become conscious of in everyday life…I realised the usefulness of active listening, so I started to apply it sometimes in conversations. Thus, when I felt that I want to comment on someone’s problem or wanted to give advice I noticed it and changed it to a statement of clarification or reflection or a question to explore the topic more.”- B.B
“Through my coaching experience, I have realised how these- so called “naughty” kids are actually clever, warm hearted, polite human beings with a really big heart, who had the misfortune of dealing with some big problems in life. It was great that they were able to find ways to handle their problems, and build inspiration for  better futures”- K.S