"The opportunity to be involved in this work is especially important for our students as many come from areas where there are social tensions and issues related to high levels of deprivation"

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Counting Limbo Days? Or Making Limbo Days Count…

Closed due to Covid-19

In times gone past, before Coronavirus slammed the door shut on the busy lifestyles of most students and told them they weren’t allowed to attend school, the words “I wish I didn’t have to come to school” were said frequently in a coaching session.

How Schools can Help Young People’s Wellbeing


Well, here we are, in the midst of a relatively unforeseen global event that has had a huge influence on the personal lives of all of us and on the wellbeing of many. As a charity delivering face to face wellbeing support services for vulnerable young people, the impact of the required and necessary COVID-19 restrictions has been huge. Like many organisations, we have felt the pinch, and loss of momentum in certain projects. Our trustees are a good bunch, and saw the elephant on the horizon early on, requesting us to switch to providing coaching services via online mediums.

Welcome, new academic year. Or is it?


Here we go, the year starts again, back to uniforms, early morning rushing, and lesson after lesson after lesson… On the first day of school, some hearts sunk lower than others, when it came to those pupils who find school to be the place where you go to learn about how nasty people can be and how very small you can seem.

Musings on Existential approaches for Young People


Coaching has grown rapidly since its emergence as a personal development tool out of the Human Potential Movement of the 60s possibly due its association with positivity, maximising oneself, and achieving personal success as more westerners focused on self-help.